Thanks M. Joseph. Good points.

Like an email we sent emotionally and wish we hadn't, this and several other articles from TNR at the time reveal so much truth, I'm sure it's too much truth upon further consideration. The reality of progressive thought is much worse than we think. I'd be interested in what other gems readers discovered when reading this article... what other progressive insights?

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Perhaps the most striking portion:

"It [progressivist "democracy"] believes that freedom and tolerance mean the development of independent powers of judgment in the young, not the freedom of older people to impose their dogmas on the young."

Two thoughts immediately emerge:

1) This is exactly how the Left thinks of "democracy" when they say things like "to save our democracy" or "a threat to our democracy." They don't mean voting, or following the will of the majority, they mean achieving their secularized aims. Amazing to see this language already being used a century ago.

2) This is so Marxist: true freedom can only occur by prohibiting the Olds from influencing and programming the young. Proving children with a stable basis of classical virtues and paradigms is "oppression" and "indoctrination," and must be replaced by some godless schema to "libertate" the minds of the youth.

Great post.

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