Great Ideas Matter

This newsletter applies the wisdom of the past to the problems of the present. Everyday events in the news, on the web, or on social media seem to go down a little smoother with a glass of ancient wisdom.

In the news & in your neighborhood

Our present education system is a functional handmaiden of the bureaucratic state. As we sit down for dinner, organize the neighborhood soccer tournament, or select a school for our kids, we are forming souls. What if wonder returned to our communities? And truth were our light? Tough truth? Hard to hear truth? Real truth?

What does this have to do with education?

A hundred years ago, classical Christian education was sidelined because it was impractical. Now, America’s schools embrace the insane. We’ve been duped into believing “education” prepares kids for a job. Paideia is what the ancients called education. Our Western Christian Paideia instilled a love of knowledge and understanding. It liberates free thinkers, and instructs them in obedience to Jesus Christ. If you love knowledge, seek wisdom, and seek obedience, you may find this newsletter insightful.

Classical Christian Education looks a bit backward. In today's culture, that's a good thing.